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published: March 2004
analytic scripts updated:
November 7, 2010

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0  License

Lee Watkins
Asst Dean & Director, Center for Scholarly Resources
Johns Hopkins University
MSE Library
Garrett Room, MSE Library, Johns Hopkins University
3400 N. Charles St.
Baltimore MD
21218 USA
Email: lee.watkins@jhu.edu

Lee Watkins, Jr. received his B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and M.A. from the University of Texas at Austin, both in Biological Sciences. He is presently Assistant Dean of and Director of the Center for Scholarly Resources of the Sheridan Libraries. He was previously the Director of Research & Instructional Technologies, reporting to the Chief Information Officer. Prior to that he had been Assistant Director of Academic Computing for fourteen years. He came to Hopkins from the University of Texas at Austin, where he was a Systems Analyst and manager of the Statistical Support Group in the Computation Center. Throughout his career Lee has worked to enable faculty research efforts and improve student teaching and learning through the application and support of computing technologies. He has been a liaison or institutional representative to the National Learning Infrastructure Initiative, the Instructional Management Systems project, the Open Knowledge Initiative, the ResearchChannel, and for Internet2 Applications. He has served on a variety of university-level committees. He has been creating and implementing networked information systems since the late 1980's. Other projects he has lead or contributed to included technology-enhanced classrooms; JHcourse.jhu.edu, a shared resource for distributed learning; a MultiMedia Development Center; the Digital Media Center, a student-centered affiliate of the New Media Centers consortium; and the recently-established Centers for Educational & Scholarly Resources, a faculty-focused support collaborative within the Sheridan Libraries. Recent grants include FIPSE and DARPA-funded projects, and an NSF "Information Technology Research" grant. He is a member of the ACM, ASIS&T and IEEE; serves on the Board of the Anne Arundel County High Tech Council, and on the Technical Advisory Board of the Medici Archive Project. He firmly believes that the information/internet/digital technologies revolution is fundamentally changing the way we live and work, and believes just as firmly that our research and scholarly communication processes must likewise undergo revolutionary change.

Lee will present The Digital Hammurabi Project