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Titus Bicknell (born September 24, 1971) is a technologist, co-founder of pink ink. and and co-principal of Apart from a fascinating stint at NBC Universal in 2007-8 working on the big screen, Titus has spent the last 10 years exploring the small screen both web and hand held. As Chief Engineer at Antenna Audio and subsequently Head of Mobile Technologies at Discovery Communications, he was fortunate to participate in ground breaking hand held projects at Tate Modern, the Louvre, Pompidou, the Intel Museum, and the Getty, among others.

As Director of Business & Production systems at Hendricks Investment Holdings, he developed production workflows for documentary and publicity programming, live sports event in-stadium broadcasting and asset optimization for mobile and portable app development, as well as overseeing the Property Management, IS and online systems for Gateway Canyons Resort, Gateway Colorado Automobile Museum and Discovery Retreats. He is currently Chief Engineer at MyDiscovery, a new division of Discovery Communications.

At various times Titus has been a film maker, Latin scholar, avid cyclist and fund raiser for the Lance Armstrong Foundation and a plugin developer for the WordPress open source platform.

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