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S. Joon
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Ph.D. Candidate
Information Science and Technology
Drexel University

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I am a UX designer and a research scientist in human-computer interaction, affective computing, human factors, online trust, and cross-gender/cultural research. My professional goal is to design systems that can recognize and respond to users' emotions in culturally sensitive ways.

While working toward my Ph.D degree in human-computer interaction at Drexel University in Philadelphia, I was required to return to Korea in order to fulfill my military duty. Because of my educational background, I was qualified for a government waiver program and worked as a UX designer/research scientist for a digital consumer electronics company called HUMAX in Korea between 2007 and 2010. At HUMAX, I developed HD TVs and HD set-top boxes with embedded digital video recorders and hybrid Internet services. As an assistant manager, my career focused on managing various UX projects, which included conceptualization of UX design, building detailed-level UI scenarios, developing product specifications, and conducting user behavior studies in various European countries. This portfolio mainly presents the works I have done at HUMAX as a UX designer and a research scientist.

In Summer of 2010, I have returned to Drexel University to resume my Ph.D in affective computing and human-computer interaction. As a Ph.D candidate, my research focuses on affective computing, studying a system that can recognize and respond to users' emotions. In addition, I research the correlations between aesthetic values, such as pleasurable interaction, and users' affective states, such as trust, satisfaction, enjoyment, and frustration. Currently, I am leading a project for IPL2 ( to improve the search experience and search results. I am generally interested in affective online museum experience, social computing, web-based interactive systems, and how users from various cultures and contexts behave differently while using the systems.

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