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Science LinX II

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van der Woude
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Project leader Science LinX
Service Center Educational Development
University of Groningen, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
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Tanja van der Woude is one of the project leaders at Science LinX of the University of Groningen, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Her main focus is to create programs to interest secondary school pupils in science. This involves inventing and organizing all kinds of activities, ranging from tours in the science center to specially designed masterclasses. She is also responsible for getting companies involved in the outreach programs.
Tanja has a broad work experience in the field of communication.
Prior to working at the University of Groningen she has been a director for more than 10 years, especially writing and directing movies for companies and government institutions. During this work she expanded her skills to develop programs for a specific target audience.
Tanja has a special interest in providing necessary information and meanwhile keeping the audience interested, therefore trying to find the right tone and style of communication. During the development of the augmented reality exhibit Power-to she was in charge of directing the researchers.

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