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de polo
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head R&D laboratory
Alinari 24 ore spa
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Manage and direct a staff of 8 including a Multimedia Development Manager and 7 support personnel responsible for the online indexing. Experience in the following aplications:
- Selected to become permanent beta tester for any future new software.
- Past or current collaboration and testing with DCT, HP, Splash Technology, Digital Corp., Xerox, Kodak, IPIX, LivePicture, IBM, Telecom Italy, Microtek, Creo, Signum and Digimarc
- Coordinate and supervise multimedia and digital projects.
- Coordinate the creation of the Alinari conservation and restoration laboratory.
- Andrea de Polo has worked a project leader for Alinari in National and EC funding projects since 1994. He has been project coordinator and being involved as partner in several projects on the e-Ten, ICT, FP5,6,7, LLP Gruntivig programs. Major projects involved are: TRIPOD, Multimatch, GLOCAL, Schema, Cost292, Artline, aceMedia, eChase, Aquarelle, Victor, Eurogene, Euridice, Orpheus, 2Kan, Migrator 2000.
- By working at Alinari, the oldest photo archive in the world with over 5.5 million images from 19th and 20th century, Andrea has been involved in projects mainly in the following thematic research tipics: IPR and content protection, digital rights management, intelligent visual search, pilot user and validation, sustanability and market research, exploitation and dissemination, integration and content sharing across large mutlilingual networks and digital libraries.
- Currently he is involved in several standards about libraries and digital imaging such as: IPTC Photo Metadata group, Adobe Photoshop CS5 beta tester (mainly for metadata matters), Cepic Picture Agency association, TauVisuall Italian Photo Association, PMA Photo Marketing Association and part of the Jpeg Italian working group.
- International experience in consulting in legal copyright issues on the Internet.
- Successfully managed several European projects between: Artline, Aquarelle, RegNet, Rama, Victor, Migrator 2000, 2Kan, TNT, Orpheus, CITER, aceMedia, Eurogene, MILE, TRIPOD, ECMADE and Imprimatur.
Main area of interest and activity: IPR-watermarking, data encryption-image security, compression, high speed broadband transmission, Information Technlogy, Cultural Heritage, Color Correction-Image Enhancement, Pattern Recognition-Image Similarity retrieval, edge detection/wavelet compression, Jpeg 2000, Digital Imaging Group.

Recent Papers and Presentations
• EVA Florence from 2000 until today: Cultural Heritage and Alinari R&D projects
• PMA Las Vegas 2002-today: presentation on: metadata, art on demand, jpeg2000
• I3A 2002 Sarasota, Jpeg 2000 overview
• Medici Framework, European based teaching multimedia project: multimedia teaching workshop (06/2000 and 07/2001)
• International Conference: ISO Committee/DIG2000, Universal Watermarking Detector, Vancouver


Member; Appraiser Association of America, Inc. 1993 Present
Member; Daguerrian Society 1993 Present
Member; American Institute for Conservation 1992 Present
Member; Society for Imaging Science and Technology 1991 – Present
Member: IEEE
Member; SPIE
Mmber; I3A
Member IPTC and PLUS standard bodies

- Alinari Picture online experience, Politecnico di Milano, Presentation supported by the Medici EC framework program (7/00 and 07/01)
- Eurographics ’99, chairman pre press and digital photography session, (9/99)
• Digital Protection in the Commercial World, EVA Cambridge-U.K. (7/98): Presentation
• Encryption and Security for the Cultural Heritage, EVA Firenze (3/98): chairman and presentation
• Copyright and Security on the Net, APRES Congress, Barcelona, Spain, (2/98): Forum.
• Color Correction into Cultural Heritage, Seville, Spain, (2/98): Presentation.
• "Electronic Publishing between Present and Future" (Firenze) Tuscany Communication Association presentation. (1/97)

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2011 Nomination
MNAF Museum National Alinari of Photography

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I attended MW2011.
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2 years 42 weeks
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