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I have worked on ontology-based systems. I also am a museum-goer. I would like to combine these two interests.

A few ideas:
1) At a large museum you go to a kiosk, select from menus the pieces you are most interested in seeing, answer a few mobility questions (Are you OK with stairs or must you use elevators? Do you want to take a minimal path or a scenic path? ...) and out pops a map with a marked path to see all of the pieces that are on your must-see list.

2) I'd like to see a museum's web site show their art. When I visit a museum, however, I enjoy reading the plaque with text, provenance, etc. I would like to see this text online, and I'd like it to be heavily linked (hot links for all people mentioned, all places mentioned, etc.). This degree of linkage is not uncommon in some web content, but I've never seen something like that for a museum.

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