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Creative Director of Animation and Video
Untravel Media
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As an animator, documentary filmmaker, and new media artist, my underlying ambition is to tell stories that entertain, inspire, and compel social change. I believe that a well-told story can influence our understanding of the world we live in, and raise awareness to the issues that shape our individual lives. My body of artistic work includes short films, mobile applications, web video, and installation. All of my projects are bound by an ambition to understand our position in this world, how we form our identities, tell stories, and give meaning to our environment. My work has revealed that when documentary storytelling mechanisms such as interview audio and voiceover are combined with iconic and metaphorical animated imagery, audiences are able to open themselves up, feel drawn in, and respond – even to difficult and seemingly inaccessible subject matters. In collaboration with Untravel Media, I have developed a unique brand of mobile storytelling designed to bring audiences closer to stories as they exist in the real world. My continuing new media work researches the innovation of new contexts for interactive media and mobile devices in order to promote cultural understanding.

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2011 Nomination
Walking Cinema: Murder on Beacon Hill


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