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Professor Letizia Jaccheri
Name: Letizia Jaccheri
Born: Pisa, Italy, 24th February 1965
Present position: Professor
Academic degrees:
 Master in Computer Science, University of Pisa, Italy, Department of Computer Science, February 1988
 PhD in Software Engineering, Politecnico di Torino, Department of
Computer and Control Engineering, Italy, January 1994, Software Process
Work experience:
 (from May 1988 to August 1989) Programmer at Tecsiel SPA, Pisa, Italy
 (from January 1993 to June 1997) Assistant Professor at Politecnico di Torino, Italy (tenure from 1.1.1996)
 (From July 1997 to 2002) Associate professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology
 (from 2006 to 2008) Adjunct professor at the University of Oslo
 (from October 2002) Professor (with tenure) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Fields of research: SE applied to Creativity & Art (C&A), Software engineering (SE), Open source software (OSS) - Leader of Project ArTe since 2006 about the interdisciplinary intersection between digital art and software technology.
 20 years experience with IT courses at Politecnico Torino and NTNU
 Eight years experience with Experts in Team.
Academic committees
1) Leader of the Committee which awards professorship to NTNU computer science academics since 2010
2) Norwegian Research Council – Member of the Fri prosjektstøtte FRITEK board since 2010
3) Computer Science Research in Finland Evaluation 2000-2006 Member of the Evaluation Panel
4) Bergen Art Academy – Expert Panel, professor position New Media, June 2010
5) NTNU Department of Computer and Information Science – Vice-leader of Education Board from 2009.
6) Member NTNU Education Board Master i medier, kommunikasjon og informasjonsteknologi from 2009
Professional Committee
1) Tekna ICT committee from 2004 to 2011
2) member of the organizing committee of ITovation since 2008
Letizia Jaccheri: Book "Kjærlighet og computer", Tapir Akademisk Forlag. ISBN 82-519-2034-5, April 2006
Disseminator of the Year IME NTNU 2006
Participation to art installations and exhibitions like for example Flyndre (
24 contributions in the Norwegian press
Norwegian Research Council - Proreal Project Komputer + Kunst = Kjærlighet 2009 – 2010.
My research strategy for the future is to continue to work thematically at the intersection of the three areas C&A, SE, and OSS, and aiming at a balance between practice and theory based research. I aim at maintaining a balance between local and International connections.

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