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Jon Pratty works at Arts Council England as Relationship Manager, Digital and Creative Economies, helping to join up digital cultures and funding opportunities as arts, heritage and technology communities converge. He works on regional and national digital strategy questions as well as commenting on funding applications; part of the job requires building links between the wider new media sector and traditional cultural venues.

Jon is a trained journalist, and since 1997 has worked in major media, firstly at the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Times, then, from 2001, as Editor of the award-winning 24 Hour Museum, re-branded in 2007 as Culture24. Jon left Culture24 in 2008 as Head of Content to work as a digital publishing consultant.

At 24 Hour Museum in 2003 he pioneered museum use of innovative technologies like RSS and developed ways to use web 2.0-style media in a volunteer environment, sustainably building content through the founding of a unique national student arts journalist network, funded by MLA's Renaissance in the Regions project. Under Jon’s editorial leadership, the 24HM sites developed from 25,000 visitor sessions per month in 2001 to just under a million visits per month in 2007.

Jon developed the content and journalism strategy at 24HM and also the organisation's approach to data publishing in a more distributed web environment: taking this work further in 2006 he set up (with Ross Parry and Nick Poole) the AHRC-funded Semantic Web Think Tank project, a national series of workshops designed to evolve a 'road map' to guide the culture sector towards a more meaningful, relational, semantic web.

Jon's research papers document pathways taken through these interesting new digital opportunities. In 2006, 'The Inside Out Web Museum' explored the notion of a museum exposing content in a web 3.0 environment. This introduced challenges such as the branding of data broadcast in API form, and curating meanings in a cloud computing situation.

Other research, published by Jon in the US and Europe has asked questions about the best ways to solicit user-generated content, and the effective use of the semantic web within heritage and culture environments. and

From 2009 to 2010, Jon managed Disability Arts Online [] an Arts Council England-funded website all about deaf and disabled arts and culture. Jon is a judge of the Jodi Awards for accessible culture websites and was a judge of the Best of the Web Awards at MW 2009.

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