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Isabel Hawkins, Ph.D., is a bilingual and bicultural native of Córdoba, Argentina. She spent 20 years at the University of California-Berkeley doing astrophysics research and as Senior Fellow on several NASA satellite projects, and as Director of Science Education at the Space Sciences Laboratory. She currently divides her time as Project Director at the San Francisco Exploratorium museum of art, science, and human perception and continues her research in indigenous astronomy focusing on the Maya. In 2005, she collaborated with NASA and the Exploratorium to produce a live webcast from Chichén Itzá during the March Equinox, and was executive producer of the award winning book and website “Traditions of the Sun” featuring the sun-earth connection at Chaco Culture National Historical Park in New Mexico, and the Yucatán, México. Under contract with the Smithsonian Institution, Dr. Hawkins is documenting the living traditions of the Maya in the context of their Calendar system and the end of an important cycle in the year 2012. Her work focuses on broadening access to science and enhancing participation by all communities through the appreciation of the cultural roots of science. The Astronomical Society of the Pacific awarded Dr. Hawkins the 2009 Klumpke-Roberts Award in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the public understanding and appreciation of astronomy.

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