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Gregory G. Curtin, Ph.D., JD is the Founder and Principal of Civic Resource Group, a leading Web/Gov 2.0 company providing innovative digital solutions for the public and civic sectors. He currently is a fellow with the World Economic Forum (WEF), sitting on the Global Agenda Council on the Future of Government. A former public schoolteacher and college professor, municipal government attorney, political and government consultant, and a successful technology entrepreneur, his almost three decades of experience provide a unique foundation for vision and leadership in the digital world.

Government and public/civic sector agencies of all kinds and at all levels have sought Dr. Curtin's counsel on implementing cutting-edge information technology solutions and strategies (a number of Civic Resource Group's technology projects and initiatives have been the first of their kind anywhere), and defining new legal and policy frameworks for the digital economy. His involvement has helped shape the future of electronic government in areas such as open data and transparency, culture and community development, and the use of the Internet for civic engagement and public participation, to name a few. Dr. Curtin founded and directed the E-Governance Lab at the Bedrosian Center for Governance and the Public Enterprise at the University of Southern California. In 2004, he established the Journal of E-Government, the first peer reviewed academic Journal in the emerging field of E-Government. He has served as the principal investigator for e-government research and a contributing author for each of the United Nation's Global E-Government Readiness Surveys and Reports from 2000-2010.
As an authoritative figure on E-Government, Dr. Curtin conducts workshops and speaks regularly at forums and conferences at all government levels, from locally to globally.

Dr. Curtin received his Ph.D. and JD from the University of Southern California (USC), and his BA in Political Science from the University of California Los Angeles.

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