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Francesco Paolo Campione is the Director of the Museo delle Culture (Lugano, Switzerland) and teaches Cultural Anthropology at the University of Insubria (Como, Italy) and. For over two decades he deals with the Anthropology of Art, the Museum Studies and the Management of Cultural Organizations, alternating his researches with the academic activities and the direction of cultural institutions and museums. He has conducted field works in New Guinea, Bali and Laos. He has been the curator of more than twenty temporary art exhibitions in different countries. He has published twelve monographs and several articles on scientific journals and in volumes edited by other authors. Operating in the management of cultural organizations, he has conceived and experimented modern systems based on middle and long term planning, on the organic interaction with the territories and on the development of international nets to share and to promote different activities. He also worked as a consultant to institutions and local governments in Italy and Switzerland.

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