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A student of mathematics, logic and philosophy with a degree from Oxford University, Alex wrote his first computer program, an online game for an IBM mainframe system, on a deck of punched cards.

In the mid-1980s he became involved in knowledge engineering - the study of human expertise and the construction of correspondingly 'expert' computer systems. This led in 1985 to a move to Brighton to found a company associated with the University of Sussex's Cognitive Studies program, Cognitive Applications. Two years later Alex and his colleagues at the new company started developing projects using hypertext and multimedia. They quickly became involved in applications for museums including the development of the 'Computer Information Room' for the National Gallery's Sainsbury Wing. An intense and formative three-year project, which often resembled an extended seminar on museums, new media and art history, gave birth to the Micro Gallery. Opened in 1991, this was the first large-scale application of digital media to an art collection.

Since the opening of the Micro Gallery, Alex and his colleagues have been continuously involved in further applications of the new media with clients including Microsoft, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, MoMA and the Science Museum. Recent years have seen award-winning and revolutionary work with organisations including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, So Television, the British Museum, Arts Council England, Prudential, the National Archives and many other distinguished public and private institutions.

Alex is Chairman of Wired Sussex, Project Director for Icons and a member of the PACT Interactive Media Group.

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