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Animator/Video Producer
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Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
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I've been an animator and video producer here at the Smithsonian for almost ten years now, working on a NASA mission: Education and Public Outreach for the Chandra X-ray Observatory, one of NASA's "Great Observatories" in Earth's orbit. Chandra captures data in deep space in the form of X-rays coming from hot or high-energy objects (supernova explosions, black hole activity, merging galaxies, etc.), and our team of scientists and image processors turn that data into beautiful images that we could never see with the naked eye and then interpret the data, sometimes in concert with data from other telescopes working in other ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum (i.e. Hubble in visible light), and sometimes with many observations of the same object over a period of time. The scientists try to figure out what's going on out there in deep space, and I make movies to help explain their theories to the public.

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Ice Core Records – From Volcanoes to Supernovas


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