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An annual conference exploring the social, cultural, design, technological, economic, and organizational issues of culture, science and heritage on-line.

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Break-down of topics for Research Forum discussion and review of research generally

Research Forum: Users

User issues in museums and the web research include:

Research Forum: Technology

Technology issues in museums and the web research include:

  1. How well are existing tools and methods serving digital museum users? Do we need virtual museum evaluations to determine:
    • Are educational sites useful to teachers, students and free choice learners?
    • Can researchers effectively locate information about any given topic?
    • Do exhibition and content database creators have sufficient technology tools for their tasks?
  2. How can technology and tools be improvded to provide access to museum information? Focus qestions include:
    • How can the visibility of on-line museum resoures be improved?
    • How can the museum community provide better service for information seekers? including
      • integrating access to multiple museum resources
      • support for image-based retrieval


Research Forum: Organizations

Organizational issues in museums and the web research include:

  • How do museums organize themselves to use the web?
  • How does using the web change museum practices and priorities?
  • What does the web savvy museum look like?

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Research Forum

Research about Museums and the Web is scattered in many different forms and publications.

signs of legitimacy -- we were used as a sampling site...

I've been pondering ways to assess the impact of Museums and the Web, given that we are approaching the tenth iteration of the event. Much of the benefit of the meeting is 'soft' and difficult to measure. Who met whom? Who's working with whom? Who married whom (well... at least that was publicly declared). How do you establish whether MW has impact?

Citation indexes / frequency would be one way. How often is the conference cited in the literature? But that would have to be taken in comparison with other events, or other 'sources'. Sounds like a tedious statistical analysis. Then I stumbled upon the following, in a paper reporting on a survey of digital museum activity: