SFMOMA Mobile Interpretive Audio Content RFP

When SFMOMA reopens in spring 2016 it will unveil not only an expanded building, but also a digital plan that integrates mobile and on-site technologies so that art, engagement, and learning are transformed from separate silos into one unified experience. The mobile program will be at the center of this experience, offering premium concierge services, interpretive content, and activities to foster intergenerational learning by doing. The mobile app will also function as a metaphorical “fifth wall,” a space for presenting commissioned creative works that are as compelling and provocative as those within the traditional four walls of a gallery.

SFMOMA is currently seeking respondents to submit proposals for the production of audio content, to be delivered primarily through the museum’s new in-gallery mobile app (not included in the scope of this RFP). The Museum seeks a production partner that shares its interest in developing audio experiences that:

  • Combine innovative scriptwriting, storytelling, experimental field and studio recording techniques (such as binaural), sound design, and editing to develop rich aural experiences that go beyond the standard narrator-actuality driven formula of traditional audio tours.
  • Facilitate experiences and conversations that are by turns thoughtful, surprising, and playful.
  • Privilege creativity, inquisitiveness, and originality over scholarly authority, offering ways to understand art on a more emotive, humanistic level.

For more information and to receive the Request for Proposals (RFP), please contact Dana Cohen at dcohen@sfmoma.org.

All proposals are due on December 15, 2014 (5pm PST) and must be submitted electronically following the instructions outlined in the RFP.

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About Stephanie Pau

Stephanie Pau is Senior Content Producer, Interpretive Media, at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. She oversees content strategy and production for SFMOMA’s onsite interpretive spaces, as well as storytelling in the museum's location-aware app. Her work in museum interpretation, digital learning, content strategy, and storytelling has taken her from the San Francisco Bay Area (California Academy of Sciences, 2001-2004; SFMOMA, 2001-2010) to New York (MoMA, 2010-2014) and back again (SFMOMA, 2014-present). Before entering the museum world, Stephanie served as an archaeologist specializing in the history and culture of California and Oceania. Stephanie graduated magna cum laude from the University of California at Berkeley, earning a B.A. in Anthropology, Archaeology emphasis; followed by graduate work in the M.A. in Museum Studies program at San Francisco State University.

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