Quickly learn how to auto-track navigation, tablet gestures and more on your site

MW2014 Workshop – Quick and dirty Google Analytics tricks for testing website 

If you have ever wanted to know exactly what navigation people use, whether they use it on a mobile, if they use images more than text headings or links, or almost anything about how people really use your site, then come find out.

It is easy

You will learn how it is easy to set up and get a idea of the massively useful data options it can offer you. You can tell if tablets users interact differently than desk top and see this sort of thing…

Data showing proportionate use of touch navigation on the V&A Discovery Map for tablet users

Data showing proportionate use of touch navigation when the V&A Discovery Map is used on tablets

See here for detailed background:

Or see exactly how much each item on your menus is getting used so you can decide if the wording or position are affecting their impact. By coupling with Google Analytics reports and segments, you can see this per page, per device, per country, almost anything.

Data for how people use navigation by wording and menu area on the V&A website

Data for how people use navigation by wording and menu area on the V&A website

See here for detailed background:

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Andrew Lewis
V&A Digital Content Delivery Manager

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