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Virtual Tour of "Cerdà and the Barcelona of the Future"

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CCCB (Barcelona Centre of Contemporary Culture)

This nomination is a Microsite realized specially to promote and spread, in an innovative and interactive way, the current exhibition of the CCCB (Barcelona Centre of Contemporary Culture), "Cerdà and the Barcelona of the Future. Reality versus Plan".

The exhibition is one of the events organized for “Cerdà Year” and highlights the town-planning richness of the Cerdà Project by analyzing the present of the Eixample (The Eixample) is a district of Barcelona between the old city and what were once surrounding small towns, constructed in the 19th and early 20th centuries and that represents the main organitzation of the city).and envisaging the future of the city of Barcelona.

As a differential point in this Microsite, we include a virtual tour.

Through this great and interactive virtual tour you will be able to feel as being in the real exhibition, walking around all the exhibition fields while being able to select and zoom the most relevant elements, such as pictures, photo plans, panels or models.

When entering on the Microsite, visitors will find a sympathetic and very usable design. Simulating the structure of the “Eixample”, visitors can chose among the 9 fields of the exhibition to start their virtual tour.


Once inside one of the fields, they can move to “full scrren” and the experience starts. The user is free to look around, zoom the most important elements, watch the videos, and feel as being there. Also, to enhance the visit and to get more information, they can click on “field info” (notice that for the Spanish and Catalan version of the site, the “field info” part, links the user to the main page of the “Cerdà Year” where they can find all the elements of the exhibition. This section is not able in English since the main page is only in the 2 local languages).

 A part from the virtual tour, users can get more information about the exhibition going to “presentation”, where they will find a detailed explanation of the exhibition by its commissioner,  related information such as opening hours and ticket price and even have a breef look to the book realized specially for the exhibition.


Another way to enhance the knowledge of the exhibition and the “Cerdà Year”, there is a last section called “Cerdà Year” that links to the main sections of this page, giving many more information to the user.



Finally, to spread the exhibition as much as possible, “share” options have been included which allow to the visitors to “share” this exhibition with their friends in “Facebook” and “Twitter” with just a click.


Many people has already visited the exhibition "online" and many more will keep doing it once the real one is closed ;)




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