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Building the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal

Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada
New Media Resources Division - Royal Ontario Museum

December 6, 2007 Observe one of the most challenging construction projects in North America, the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal. The sequence documents development from May 2003 to November 2007 through a series of still images captured daily at 1 pm during construction and at 10-minute intervals throughout opening week. Video Podcast (21.6MB, 5m 02s) The Royal Ontario Museum’s time-lapse podcast depicts the construction of the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal that transformed the Museum. Beginning with the demolition of the Terrace Galleries in 2003, the Lee-Chin Crystal rises out of the rubble in 5 minutes. The changing seasons and sunlight hint at the grandeur of the 4 ½ year construction project that brought Daniel Libeskind’s design into reality by late 2007. This podcast is the "best of the web" because it offers a unique look at the physical transformation of the ROM. With over 10,000 views on YouTube and coverage on local and international blogs, this outlook isn’t uncommon. The video time-lapse chronicles still images taken from a web-cam positioned above the construction site. The podcast juxtaposes ambient electronic music to complement the contemporary architecture and robotic movement of the video. A daily image was chosen at 1 pm during construction and at 10-minute intervals throughout opening week. Together, the images provide a captivating and modern view of the demolition, construction and opening of the Lee-Chin Crystal.

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