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National Arts Centre
National Arts Centre
Why: is the National Arts Centre (NAC) of Canada's performing arts educational website. It features three collection-based web modules of archival materials from the NAC's own expansive archive, including: (a first of its kind collection of over 150 free orchestral works performed by the NAC Orchestra between 1969-2010. No other orchestra in the world offers free high-quality recordings online.); The Secret Life of Costumes (a site that outlines the art and artistry of costume design and allows users to browse, search and tour imagery and descriptions of over 120 costumes built at the National Arts Centre throughout it's 40 year history); Persuading Presence: A Performing Arts Poster Archive (a web module that opens up the world of performing arts marketing and promotion through the art of poster design. Users can tour, search and browse over 400 outstanding posters from shows performed at the National Arts Centre since its opening in 1969). comprises four other modules for users to learn about the Orchestra, English-language theatre, French-language theatre and professional Dance. The website is fully bilingual (in English and French) and offers a broad range of lesson plans, activities and games for teachers and students ranging from middle-schoolers to upper-level high school students.

Image descriptions: The performing arts educational website of Canada's National Arts Centre, Enjoy 150 high quality NAC Orchestra recordings online for free on, - The Secret Life of Costumes collection, - Persuading Presence: A Performing Arts Poster Archive.

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