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Amersfoort op de Kaart (Amersfoort on the Map)

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Museum Flehite and Archief Eemland, Amersfoort, The Netherlands
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This websites presents 750 years of history of Amersfoort on a map, using the collections of Museum Flehite and Archief Eemland.

It's a good example of using existing webpossibilities (in this case google maps) in a more innovative way for the heritage sector.

Visitors can access dozens of historical points of interest an the map, where to find pictures and text. Several historical maps can be projected on Google Maps to see how the town has developed over the centuries (see 'Kaarten'). Among these is Museum Flehite's large panoramic painting by Matthias Withoos of 1671, making it possible to click buildings on the painting to get information and collection images. (

Several points of interest contain video, audio or 3D. The current situation can be compared using integrated StreetView. Visitors can also add there own points of interest, get thematic walking directions or right-click any location on the map to find historical images from both collections.

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