New Course in Sustaining Digital Resources (Applications due 30 Sept.)

Ithaka S+R is launching a new training course starting in January 2014, Sustaining Digital Resources, specifically designed for leaders of digital projects who are developing sustainability plans for the digital resources they have created.   Our focus is not on the technical aspects of preservation, but encourages participants to define the longer-range goals for their projects, to identify the communities they hope to reach, and to develop strategies to assemble the financial and non-financial support they believe they will need.

The course will bring together 20 individuals to work on their own project plans in collaboration with experts and peers, over the course of several months. Many will have well-established projects already, but project leaders at any stage are encouraged to apply.

Further information is here:

The application, due September 30, is here:

If anyone has questions, feel free to reach me at or 212-500-2349.

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Founder of the Sustaining Digital Resources course, principal of BlueSky to BluePrint, LLC. Helping leaders of academic and cultural initiatives define, develop, and implement plans for long-term excellence and impact.

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