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Published: March 1999.


Sarah Ridley

Senior Program Officer
National Endowment for the Humanities
Division Of Public Program
Washington D.C.
20506 USA

Sarah Ridley is a Senior Program Officer in the division of public programs at the National Endowment for the umanities. The division funds interpretive exhibitions and public programs in museums and historic sites, as well as television and radio programs. The division is looking for projects that show excellence in content and format, have broad public appeal, offer wide access to diverse audiences, and provide opportunities for life long learning. The Endowment looks favorably on programs that foster collaboration, especially projects that enhance community involvement and increase audience awareness of humanities organizations and their services. The division supports the planning and production of interactive media projects involving technological tools such as CD-ROM, DVD, interactive video, and on-line sites. Prior to joining the Endowment in 1998, Sarah was Assistant Head of Museum Education for the Freer Gallery of Art and the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, the national museums of Asian art at the Smithsonian. In that capacity she was responsible for the interactive educational components of the museums' website. She was curator of the award winning exhibition "Puja: Expressions of Hindu Devotion" as well as the accompanying video and website.

Sarah participated in a Panel Discussion on Funding Opportunities