#MW2015 Workshop: An Introduction to Agile User Research & Testing

MW2015 Workshop: An Introduction to Agile User Research & Testing | April 8th, 1.30pm – 4.30pm
Karen Plemons, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA , Liz Filardi, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA

What do your visitors really want in a digital product? How do you know whether your product is intuitive to use? What do you do when stakeholder expectations differ from visitor needs? Led by a Producer and a Researcher, this half-day workshop is intended to help you answer these questions with confidence using tools that you can rapidly employ and learn from.

We will share methods for developing research tools, gathering data, and making the most of findings to inform your approach at key milestones in the production of apps, digital games, and websites. We will provide anecdotes from our own experiences to illustrate how these methods can pan out in the wild.

Participants will learn about research strategies including:
– Card Sorting- hone in on priorities and preferences
– User Testing- evaluate the response to your designs
– Surveys and Interviews- ask the right questions of the right people
– Observations- know what to watch for, and how to record what you see

Participants will work in small teams to identify a challenge of their own, strategically choose a research method, and adapt and test their instruments. Each participant will leave with tools and strategies that they can use to gather feedback for an informed and iterative design process.

This workshop is for producers, project managers, educators, designers, and developers involved in developing digital experiences.

Register here for the Museums and the Web 2015  Conference and for the workshop An Introduction to Agile User Research & Testing

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About Karen_Plemons

Karen Plemons manages educational research and evaluation efforts at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Karen draws from a range of quantitative and qualitative methods including interviews, surveys, card sorts, focus group and observations to help her colleagues understand audiences and their experiences with programs, print materials, and digital platforms. Karen teaches the Audience Research and Evaluation course at Seton Hall University in the Museums Professionals graduate program. Prior to her work at the Met, Karen worked for a number of Research and Evaluation consultants conducting user research and evaluation on exhibitions, online educational games, exhibition apps, and educational programs.

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