#MW2015 Special Event: Digital Emulsion

MW2015 Workshop: Digital Emulsion | Full day Special Event on April 7th 
Elliot Woods, Kimchi and Chips, Korea and UK, Mimi Son, Kimchi and Chips, Korea and UK

Please note: this workshop will only run with 16 participants. If you register but quorum is not met you will be reimbursed or able to apply your registration to other workshops.

This workshop invites participants to practise Digital Emulsion techniques, a process which encompasses projection mapping and 3D scanning in order to create semi-material objects. We will learn new possibilities for drawing in the air, and ways to develop interesting volumetric canvases.

Participants will work in groups to conceive and build a model scene, using simple materials such as thread, paper and foam board, as well as Digital Emulsion materials using projectors, structured light scanning and volumetric shading techniques.

The workshop involves skills in model building, creative coding, calibration and animation, as well as concepts relating to space and technology as materials.

The Digital Emulsion Toolkit is a piece of open source software by artists Kimchi and Chips which encompasses the projection and calibration routines employed by many of their artworks.

Participant requirements:
Participants will need a laptop (OSX, Windows) with a decent GPU (think MacBook Pro). Bring adapters to connect to a HDMI projector as required.

A working set of applications will be provided. Coding knowledge (GLSL, oF/C++) is not a requirement, but can be useful.

Examples of our relevant works: http://www.kimchiandchips.com/#lightbarrier http://www.kimchiandchips.com/#lunarsurface http://www.kimchiandchips.com/#LSS http://www.kimchiandchips.com/#journey-dublin

Register here for the Museums and the Web 2015  Conference and for the workshop Digital Emulsion

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About elliotwoods

Elliot Woods is a digital media artist, technologist, curator, educator from Manchester UK. He creates provocations towards future interactions between humans and socio-visual design technologies (principally projectors, cameras and graphical computation). Towards this goal, Elliot co-founded Kimchi and Chips, an experimental art / design / technology studio based in Seoul. He is known for transforming a tree into an addressable array of voxels and for throwing augmented fireballs.rnrnHe is a curator of the ScreenLab Residency and ScreenLab Conference programmes, which develop digital media arts practice, and encourage the dialogue between digital and contemporary art cultures.rnrnHe applies his academic background in physics to produce sense-able interfaces with abstract systems, whilst applying a methodical approach to artistic enquiry.rnElliot is a contributor to the openFrameworks project (a ubiquitous toolkit for creative coding), and an open source contributor to the VVVV platform. His code is available open source and for free on GitHub.

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