Alyssa McLeod

Web Designer
Royal Ontario Museum

Alyssa McLeod is a web designer and front-end developer at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto, Canada. She was previously the lead web developer for the Royal BC Museum's web redesign in 2013. In addition to designing and maintaining the ROM's website, Alyssa builds interactive kiosks, tweets about the museum's textiles collection, and provides training and support to colleagues on all things digital. She takes particular interest in digital wayfinding and mapping.

Alyssa is enthusiastic about open engagement and accessibility in the public knowledge sector. While completing her Master’s degree in digital humanities and medieval literature, she worked with the Electronic Textual Cultures Laboratory at the University of Victoria to help develop a uniquely collaborative scholarly edition of a Tudor manuscript on Wikibooks. Her graduate research focused on subjective time and space in medieval maps.