Web Crit Room

Bruce Wyman, USA , Dana Mitroff Silvers, USA, John Stack, UK

Designers explain their intentions and the panel reviews the site assessing how well those intentions have been realized and suggesting strategies that might have improved it. Fun, educational and it makes us squirm a bit.

Modeled on the art school critique, Web sites are volunteered in advance by MW2013 attendees who are present to pose the problems they faced and respond to commentary.

If you’d like to volunteer your site, please post a comment on this page.

How it Works

The Web Crit Room is an interactive conversation between the presenter (whose site is the topic of discussion), the panel, and those in the session.

We have two hours in which to review four sites (1/2 hour each). In that time, we’ll run the same process for each site…

  • brief intro (1 min)
  • the site representative will present the site briefly (max. 5 minutes) highlighting the challenges they face and the areas where they’d like feedback.
  • each of the two panelists will respond with their reactions and questions for the representative (5 minutes each)
  • we open up the commentary to the group in the room (10 minutes)

Panelists to be announce shortly.

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