Using Web 3D for exhibit design, promotion, and installation

Ross McKegney, Canada

The promise of 3D on the web has been a long time coming. Competing standards, underpowered devices, and techno-politics have all conspired to keep the web to text, images, and video. But this is changing: it is becoming easier to create 3D content, and to deploy it to the web.

This workshop will use case studies to illustrate how Web 3D can be used by museums at all phases of an exhibit's lifecycle. At the design phase, 3D in online collaborative spaces can be used to get feedback on layout and messaging for a new exhibit. Augmented Reality and 3D web can be used to drive traffic to a running exhibit. And finally, Web 3D can be a great tool for creating installation pieces.

This workshop is for curators and marketers interested in understanding what is possible, and for web developers who want an introduction to the tools that can allow them to incorporate 3D into the experiences they create. We'll use a hands-on approach, showing a short list of accessible technologies - SketchUp for 3D modeling and Verold Studio for collaboration around 3D assets and for building 3D web apps. The focus of the workshop will be on the presentation side of 3D on the web, but we will also discuss 3D scanning and printing, and how to incorporate these technologies into new museum experiences.