To MOOC or not to MOOC: Is that the question?

Deborah Howes, USA

Over the past 24 months much media hype and financial investment has been directed to Massive Open Online Courses (commonly referred to as MOOCs). While the idea of providing the highest quality educational content to the largest number of people (i.e. anyone with Internet access) has obvious appeal, it is important for museums to consider a wider variety of online learning platforms, especially those that are already working quite well, to deliver a rich educational experience.  MOOCs can be an important–but not the only–strategy for museums to engage in online learning: Howes will focus on how to match the right online platforms with a variety of virtual participant types and offer a few strategies based on current museum-based examples that result in enduring, immersive educational experiences. Museums have an essential, global role to play in everyday online content delivery, not to mention the enormous task of educational reform.