The Gallery in Your Hands: 3D Scanning & Printing

Miriam Langer, USA , Mike Murawski, USA

Want to get your hands on the most compelling technology of the moment? This half day workshop gives participants an opportunity to scan objects in 3D at the Portland Art Museum, in partnership with PAM's Michael Murawski, Director of Education & Public Programs, and Kristin Bayans,
Senior Educator at Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Using our own devices (bring your iphone, ipad, or we’ll borrow one for you) and free (or almost free) 3D capture and stitching applications, we’ll scan objects from the museum gallery without using any specialized equipment. After learning the best, low-cost methods to capture, stitch and heal 3D models, we’ll walk through the steps of preparing files for 3D printing. Our best scans will be printed in 3D during the workshop. Bring your questions about 3D- we'll have artists, educators and technicians on hand to explain it all to you!

This workshop complements the paper “Please Feel the Museum”, so if you seek an understanding of both the nuts and bolts (and nozzles) of the technology, as well as the current state of the 3D printing industry and its implications for museums, this workshop is for you!