Script Writing for In-Gallery Mobile Interpretation: A Participatory Workshop and Crit Room

Stephanie Pau, USA , Erica Gangsei, USA

Your latest audio or mobile app is nothing without great content. In this hands-on workshop, designed for museum staff by museum staff, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss the qualities of effective in-gallery mobile content and to learn the process for developing it. Half workshop and half crit room, this session will begin with practical advice for writing audio, video, or multimedia scripts, as well as suggestions for producing such content in-house. We’ll put these principles to practice in the second part of this session -- a supportive “Crit Room” where participants may volunteer to have their script drafts critiqued in a live “surgery” environment. Throughout this intensive half-day workshop, we’ll consider as a group the qualities that make for a great in-gallery mobile experience.

Since the nature of this workshop will be highly participatory, enrollment is limited to 20 registrants. During the Crit Room, Stephanie and Erica will lead an analysis of 3-5 scripts submitted by workshop participants, and suggest possible approaches for further development. Participants who would like their scripts reviewed at the workshop must submit them by March 17th, 2013; please limit the length to five pages.

Materials: Pre-submitted script drafts (see guidelines above); laptops; writing implements
Stephanie Pau's slides from the workshop
MoMA Production Schedule Sample

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