Revitalizing Education: New Strategies for Deep Impact

Lightning Talk
Darren Milligan, USA

This lightening talk will focus on the limitations of status-quo approaches to serving education audiences (specifically the decline of field trips and the utilization of museum lesson plans), and present three new strategies for serving these audiences:

1) Museums should support the acquisition of knowledge and skills needed for academic success in the 21st century (specifically the Framework for 21st Century Learning and those outlined in the emerging Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards) through the creation of digital-inquiry opportunities for learners directly.

2) Museums should operative ubiquitously in the digital space through the development of partnerships with educational resource content aggregators, participation in global resource infrastructure programs such as the Learning Registry, and be active in the alignment of their resources to educational metadata schema like those outlined in the Learning Resources Metadata Initiative.

3) Museums should open access and empower teachers and students to create their own learning resources/opportunities with “our” content, through the development of digital tools or the sharing of that content in places where these tools already exist.

Museum technologists, partnered with museum educators, are uniquely positioned to lead their institutions in this new era. This talk will focus on specific examples on how institutions can, and are, implementing approaches to these new strategies.