REMIX – Culture, Technology, Entrepreneurship

Lightning Talk
Peter Tullin, UK

Peter Tullin is the founder of an international website selling art and products from leading global museums and galleries such as the Tate, British Museum, Saatchi Gallery and the V&A. He is also the author of Intelligent Naivety a handbook for would-be cultural entrepreneurs. His lightening talk is a rapid-fire top 10 of the insights from my latest book REMIX published by The Guardian inspired by an event by the same name created by Google, Bloomberg and CultureLabel which took place in London in late 2012. REMIX explores the intersection between culture, technology and entrepreneurship. How will disruptive new business models revolutionise the cultural sector? Entrepreneurs, both inside and outside of cultural organisations are striving to change the world. The spread of their ideas, products and platforms is also being driven ever faster by the digital revolution. This is disrupting established ways of doing things, challenging accepted wisdoms in an environment where change is the new constant. The balance of power between organisations (cultural or otherwise) and consumers has also shifted. Within our new connected world the user, customer, audience or bystander can change things, even if organisations themselves don’t (or won’t).

REMIX explores several consumer and technology trends, reshaping the landscape and creating an age of opportunity cultural entrepreneurs. Some are even developing investable private sector models across a diverse range of art forms., set up by former archivist Chris Wild has a following of hundreds of thousands who tune in daily to his curated ‘time capsules’ of archival images. have created a Netflix for theatre, recently launching an App for the Samsung Smart TV having secured Venture Capital investment from Ingenious Media. In film, Secret Cinema have revolutionised the experience of viewing a movie with millions of fans allowing them to launch a global franchise.