Piction: DAMS integration with multiple systems to create a Data Warehouse

Exhibitor Briefing
Erick Kendrick, Australia , Adam LaPorta, Australia

Piction provides a museum specific Digital Asset Management System. More often than not the Piction DAMs becomes a hub that touches many departments within an Institution and requires to integrate with many different types of applications. Integration with applications such as Collection Management Systems, Web Content Management Systems, E-Commerce, Point-Of-Sale Systems, Membership and Mobile Device frameworks are required because digital resources (collection and non-collection) require the reuse of metadata or other types of data to be meaningful for the different departments within the Institution.

This presentation will showcase how to integrate with different classes of systems such as TMS, EMU, MIMSY, VERNON, Microsoft ASP.NET, Drupal and Raiser’s Edge to create an institutional wide data warehouse.