Multi-institutional, mega-influential: Thinking creatively and collaboratively about online marketing campaigns

Lightning Talk
Maren Dougherty, USA

Few museums can afford billboards and TV ads. Most cannot even afford paid Facebook advertising campaigns. Creative online marketing campaigns that publicize multiple museums at once can be carried out at little cost to individual museums. At the Balboa Park Online Collaborative, we have launched collaborative online marketing projects with as few as two or three organizations to as many as 80 cultural and recreational organizations.

One example is the “Museum Marathon” that my coworker and I embarked on to showcase programs at more than a dozen cultural institutions in San Diego. We spent 26 days living in museums, toothbrushes and cameras in tow, to provide an inside look at the museums’ collections, people, and programs. Another example is the “Giskin Anomaly” historical cellphone adventure that we created and hosted for over two years in the Park. We have also formed online media partnerships with the city’s most prominent publishers, UT San Diego, Voice of San Diego, and San Diego Magazine, and supported development of collaborative websites, mobile apps, photo contests, and Google AdWords campaigns.

Through the lightning talk, I will blitz through the development and execution of these various multi-institutional campaigns, providing an honest look at the great successes, the seemingly never-ending projects, and the relative failures.

The session is designed to prompt audience members to think about creative, low-cost marketing campaigns that they could carry out with other organizations in their communities.