Look, Listen, Learn and Play: Mobile, Touchtable and Smart TV at the Albertina

Friederike Lassy-Beelitz, Austria , Wolfgang Schreiner, Austria

Vienna's Albertina - the world famous collection for graphic art - is reimagining the visitor experience with an new interpretive program that combines mobile tablets, touchtables and a Smart TV App for its permanent collection of classical modern art. The program is currently in production and will launch in March of 2013. A completely new mobile guide, offered on Samsung 7’’ tablets, will include a highlights tour and a program for kids and families. The mobile guide will launch with in-depth content for 30-40 artworks. The mobile guide includes text, audio and games, with a focus on making principles of modern art understandable through playful enriched interaction between the multimedia content of mobile devices and the in-gallery experience. The interpretive approach is designed to reach visitors with different learning styles and interests: from more traditional text interpretation to augmented reality features and games. The 7" tablets allow for new levels of visual exploration of the artworks, and a comfortable interface for reading text.

At the end of their visit, visitors can connect with a touchtable, reviewing photos taken with the tablet and seeing comments they've contributed about the artworks. Visitors can save and share their museum experience (highlights tour content, photos and comments) on the guides but also through email or by posting it on a Samsung Smart TV App. The Smart TV App offers new opportunities for wider sharing and distribution of content and visitor participation beyond the walls of the Museum and the program seeks to explore the possibilities of this new platform.

We propose demonstrating the interaction principles between the mobile guide, the touchtable and the Smart TV App as a way of publishing content. The program was fully funded by Samsung Austria.