Humour as an institutional voice.

Professional Forum
Aaron Cope, USA , Heather Champ, USA, Piotr Adamczyk, USA

Humour as an institutional voice.

Considering 90% of people use the internet to look at funny cat pictures, we would like to explore how museums are using humour online, and how humour can be integrated into an institutional voice in a professional way.

Id like to propose a panel/discussion forum with myself, Bruce Wyman, and Aaron Straup Cope, representing a cross section of industry professionals. (suggestions for additional panel members welcome)

The panel will run through recent examples of museum projects that use humour as an engagement tool, and then open for discussion with the audience.

The debate could cover issues such as where ‘the line’ exists with using humour, copyright issues, collecting memes of museum objects/art back into collections, and how to go about using humour as an institutional voice.

Discussion could also be had on how we best present museum content for an online audience to use in humorous ways.

The session would lighthearted yet also thought provoking.
Erika Taylor
Collections Manager
Tweed River Regional Museum
NSW, Australia