Managing an ad server and Google AdWords for your website

Maren Dougherty, USA

Managing Sponsorships and marketing events on your website can be automated. Thanks to open source ad servers like OpenX, it is possible to integrate outside sponsorships and ads into your website to contribute to your site’s sustainability and augment existing sponsorship opportunities at your institution.
In this workshop, participants will gain a greater understanding of the following aspects of integrating, managing, and utilizing an online ad server: advertising jargon (e.g., CPM), how to integrate an ad server into a content management system, how to price sponsorship packages and approach potential sponsors, using the ad server to publicize specific campaigns and projects at your own institution, or to facilitate ad trades with other publishers
Understanding this process will also help participants to manage and evaluate their institutions’ online ad buys.
The second half of the workshop will focus on online advertising programs such as Google AdWords, as well as obtaining and using a Google Grant, that can be used to promote your museum at low cost.