Greed is good: don’t settle for one platform, when you can have them all.

Joe Baskerville, UK

When creating a mobile optimised experience for your visitors, do you go
native, or do you go web? How do you make a decision? What benefits do each
direction offer?

Both routes are attractive: Native offers promises of fluid interaction
delights, super-fast performance, and access to technologies once only dreamt
of. But also development complexities, access restrictions, and fragmentation
in platform support. Web offers reassurances of simplicity in deployment, and
ease of development. But also a lack of interface fairy dust, and a reduced
feature set.

How much of all this - good and bad - is true? How do you make a decision?

Hear how the BMA and Cogapp developed Go Mobile, the BMA's new Mobile Web App.

Discover why we decided to go the route we did; an HTML5, Backbone.js driven
interface backed by a Drupal 7 CMS. What advantages did this offer? How did we
maximise the performance of the Web App and give it native App-like qualities?
What are the benefits and drawbacks of this approach?

Learn about the technology involved; What might you already know? What might
you need to invest in? And where are the limits in the current technological