Games from Wellcome Collection

Danny Birchall, UK

A demonstration of culture, science & learning games produced by Wellcome Collection. Produced over the least three years as part of our online programme, these games have attempted to reach a mass online audience and foster engagement with the content and themes of the Wellcome Collection programme.
Games demonstrated include: Memory, a simple version of pelmanism using over 1,000 images from our historical and contemporary medical images collection. High Tea, a strategic opium trading game exposing the dark underbelly of the British economic and military presence in the Chinese Pearl Delta in the 1830s;
Axon, a fast-based game connecting neurons in developing brain tissue; Magic in Modern London, an exciting iOS geolocative treasure hunt based on the historical amulet collection of Edward Lovett ... and our latest venture, Who's The Pest? (title tbc) a puzzle game focusing on the ecological relationships between humans and insects, and the competition for food and resources.