Game on and be playful: Creating games and digital toys for your museum

Sharna Jackson, UK , Danny Birchall, UK

Games and toys are ubiquitous, fun and can be a great gateway into enthusing your audiences into deeper engagement with your institution.

Sharna Jackson of Tate Kids, Danny Birchall from Wellcome and award-winning London-based games studio Preloaded will give an interactive and fast-paced day-long workshop that will give you some concrete ideas for developing toys and games for your audiences and museums and some insight into the process and potential pitfalls.

Before the conference, we will provide a shared blog or tumblr that will give you a couple of pre-workshop tasks, provide a place to make shared notes throughout the day and will be available for discussions post-workshop.

We will introduce the workshop by:
* presenting some of our games and toys, sharing what worked well (and crucially what didn’t and why)
* sharing notable work coming from the cultural sector
* showing examples of great games and toys from the games industry and the wider world.

The workshop will then:
* cover the differences between games and toys
* discuss the many game mechanics that you can apply to your collections
* talk about importance of defining your audiences
* get you thinking about using your institutions’ brand and positioning to your advantage
* make mention of artists estates, copyright and moral rights
* suggest why creating a game for an exhibition or an event can be a good idea
* talk about collaboration, funding and budgets
* cover the handling of data and user-generated content.