Developing Short Form Video Elevator Pitches

Ryan Donahue, USA

One of the biggest democratizations of media through the last decade of technological development is that of video. It’s easier than ever to create video, and disseminate said video online to a large and varied audience. Short-form video is a powerful tool for dissemination of complex ideas, and can be great for communicating with a wide variety of stakeholders and team members.

In this pre-conference workshop, we will take your ideas, whether they be session proposals, project plans, or other ideas, and take participants through the necessary steps of:

  • Identifying audiences
  • Characterizing said audiences
  • Formulating a outline of the pitch
  • Producing the video components
  • Editing them together
  • Publishing the video online.

There would be an opportunity during the conference to have a mini film festival of sorts to show off the work developed during the workshop. It should be a lot of fun, and highly educational for people new to video, or even people that just want to work on developing better content for said videos.