Creating the Kaleidoscope: Are Museums Inviting Full Participation When the Digital Divide Still Exists?

Lightning Talk
Porchia Moore, USA

It has been much argued and accepted that the museum of the 21st Century must be both participatory and digitally connective in function.  In addition, much has also been written about the need for diversity and diverse voices within the museum. However, with all of our usage of the term “diversity”, what is the real impact of web-based museum components on racial groups which are still largely affected by the digital divide?  This lighting talk will seek to raise questions regarding the issue of INCLUSIVITY for people of color and why museums need to rethink diversity issues when building upon web-based enhancements such as social media and interactive “community” message boards and forums.  In what ways are museums inviting full participation across racial groups within their communities? This Pecha Kucha style talk will prove lively, creative, and thought-provoking.