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Hands on DIY communications with Arduino, Ethernet & li’l Xbee and Kinect Hacking: Sensing Spaces





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April 11, 2012 - 1:30pm - 5:00pm


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Archives & Museum Informatics EIN: 77-0708617; GST / BN 887978914


This workshop will explore using the popular Arduino microcontroller to sense users/interactions in a gallery space. This might take the form of switches, motion detection, automated counters, or audio control to enliven and enhance experiences in the gallery. Arduino interfaces seamlessly with Ethernet, video, audio, and flash, allowing easy and exciting ways to trigger sensors from different locations. The afternoon workshop will introduce the Ethernet shield, xbee, and rfid for network communication between objects & objects, people & objects, and people & people (and any combination thereof)

The workshop also takes a look at new trends in sensing technologies for immersive exhibits and environments. We ill review a broad spectrum of interface techniques and technologies, comparing the relevant strengths, strategies, and weaknesses of each. We also look at how these technologies can be integrated with frameworks such as Flash, Processing and OpenFrameworks and experience hands-on interaction using Microsoft’s Kinect.