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Your ticket to the Linked Data cloud : a hands-on approach for bringing your museum metadata into the Linked Data Cloud with the help of Google Refine

Abstract is stimulating cataloguers, archivists and metadata managers to bring their metadata into the Linked Data cloud. With the help of videos, screencasts and tutorials, we are providing semantic web novices the necessary knowledge and tools to clean and reconcile their metadata with controlled vocabularies (such as LCSH, AAT, DDC, etc)  which are already a part of the Linked Data cloud. This mini-workshop will provide a step-by-step overview of how free-text keywords can be easily reconciled with the LCSH by using the RDF extension for Google Refine. Once the reconciliation process is understood by participants, we will wrap up the workshop by showcasing some concrete examples of the added value of having one's metadata hooked up with the Linked Data cloud. Attending this workshop will allow museum technologists to immediately start using low barrier, free, and open source ways to join the Linked Data cloud and connect their collections with the millions of other data out there. 


Mini-Workshop - teaches something or explores approaches


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Carlos Arroyo is a senior developer at the Powerhouse Museum.