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Quick and dirty AR for mobile devices: A workshop


The British Museum, Exploratorium and several other cultural institutions have built AR applications on Juanio, a free, cross-platform Augmented Reality browser. Juanio has an open API for developers which makes the creation of new apps (or “channels”) a quick and simple process for any competent programmer. By April 2012, Junaio will have released a WYSIWIG Content Creator to make this process even easier. The goal of this mini-workshop is to demonstrate how easily an Augmented Reality application can be built and to build a working app by the end of the hour that can be viewed throughout the conference.

Jointly-led between museum staff who have implemented Junaio channels and developers from Metaio, which produces Junaio, the session is intended for technical staff, programmers or project managers who want to quickly get up to speed with AR. It will be of particular benefit for small museums which have limited resources to devote to cutting edge technologies like AR, but want to understand how to put together a compelling, working app on a shoestring budget.

The AR app produced in the workshop can demonstrate some of the newest and most interesting features of Junaio including 2D image recognition and 3D tracking. It will include pre-prepared rich media content and content that participants download from their institution’s own website. It will be accessible through the Junaio browser, which can be downloaded free from the Apple AppMarket and Andriod Store. It will run on any smartphone or tablet with Juanio installed. If it is a location-based channel, virtual content can be viewed by anyone (not just workshop participants) in and around the MW conference venue for the duration of the event.

To be clear, the workshop is not intended to promote use of Juanio to the exclusion of other tools, but to show the steps in creating any successful AR application and how museum content should be designed and produced for mobile AR. Wherever possible alternative tools and techniques will be mentioned and parallels drawn between what is being shown in Junaio and how to accomplish the same task on other platforms. The format of the mini-workshop is based on a successful model developed at The British Museum in which children age 9-15 produced Junaio AR channels in less than a day.


Workshop - full or half day