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Museums and the Web

An annual conference exploring the social, cultural, design, technological, economic, and organizational issues of culture, science and heritage on-line.

Perils and Opportunity: Going Virtual, Mobile, and Toying with Reality.


Creating strategies and opportunities for storytelling and sharing in an increasingly networked, mobile, and interactive social and built environment, is a complex challenge facing museums of all sizes.  At the same time, finding new tools and collaborative modes of creating and sharing content has become a central challenge for many.  In particular, museums face myriad technological, organizational, and collaborative challenges, for adopting and developing the connections, knowledge, and resources to find the best fit and form for their changing needs and audiences.  This forum will consider the centrality of both organizational as well as technological practices and strategies for navigating this important shift in an increasingly web-made and mobile world.

Brief case study reflections from the Museum of Vancouver (MOV) and the Royal BC Museum (RBCM) will share insights from mobile-enhanced Virtual Museum of Canada projects, "The Visible City" (MOV), and "Invasive Species" (RBCM). Additional examples from the MOV's storymap, and RBCM's wayfinding navigational applications, will be provided.  

Key areas for discussion will be:
-Common areas of misconception about mobile/web applications/tools, and how do we overcome them?
-is collaborative content development and decision-making a necessary evil, or just another characteristic of the new networked reality of interactive web?
-Is "forgetting" exhibition best practices from the offline realm, when designing for the online/mobile realm, something we should encourage or counteract?
-Are small budgets and big projects like Augmented Reality apps really such strange bedfellows?


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I'm a creative/community geek with a research background in emerging technology, online communities, diversity, critical cultural studies, and a reformed policy wonk. Cities, technology, and food, all turn my crank.
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social media, exhibit interpretation, audio/video interactive design, programs development & marketing, desktop and mobile web content development, videography, creative thinking, guitar feedback, tube amps, records, sushi, micro-brew, aquariums, cichlids, fuzz pedals