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Can moderate-priced technology extend the museum experience successfully?


Museums of Korea have a rapid development since 1910 because of peculiar historical background. In other words, Korean museums should have keep pace with the times as the Japanese colonial period (1910~1945), industrialization period (1970s~1980s), period of rapid expansion of IT industries (1990s~2000s). The tradition including museum was regarded as a kind of abuses and was received public indifference because of economic reasons until 1980.
Museums of Korea have started to be interested in high technology since 1990~2000s as a compensation for their apathy period. However, museums in Korea have many failures because high technology is always accompanied by high cost and high risk, chasm.
The Exhibition, titled “Afterlife: The Journey to the other world”, we curated at summer(July 16~September 25) of 2011 to cope this circumstances could be distinguished three unique points from other exhibitions in Korea.
First, It’s the first attempt in museum of Korea to merge between Korean traditional culture and reinterpretation at present as ‘Webtoon(a professional cartoonist’s serial cartoon serviced by Korean portal site)’.
Second, we adopt New Media like AR(Augmented Reality) and Media Art as important role of storytelling line of this exhibition. It’s also the first attempt to adopt technology as storyteller of exhibition. The entire exhibition space is consist of two rooms(permanent gallery of Korean funeral bier and special gallery for temporary exhibition). We put one Media artwork between two rooms that have visual screen responding sound as role of Styx(a river in Hades) and six AR screen for museum visitor to explain six judgments in Hell.
Third, because of adopting open source and worked with human resources in college, we could manage to handle this exhibition at half price while Museums of Korea usually spend over $30,000 for one special exhibition.
Consequently, the total numbers of exhibition visitor are over 1600, these figures exceed the mean number of private museum in Korea. Also we received great attention in Korean press(20 times). In addition, we had a survey of two hundreds visitor’s reply about this exhibition what they feel.


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- MA of Art History(Tibetan Buddhist Painting, Thangka) at Dongguk Univ.(Seoul, Rep. of Korea) - Ph.D of Museum studies(convergence technology in Museum) at Chugye Univ. of Arts(Seoul, Rep. of Korea). - Curator of Korean art at Dongsoong Art Center(Seoul, Rep. of Korea). Dongsoong Art Center
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Director of Kokdu museum
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curator of Kokdu museum
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curatorial assistant of Kokdu museum