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Museums and the Web

An annual conference exploring the social, cultural, design, technological, economic, and organizational issues of culture, science and heritage on-line.

Agile Games for Productive Teams


Get together with other conference attendees and play games in this unique interaction facilitated by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) and Carbon Five, a technology development firm. A special emphasis will be placed on experiential learning through Agile games and exercises.

This will be an updated version of a very popular and well-attended session presented at Museums and the Web 2010 titled, "Play at Work: Applying Agile Methods to Museum Web Site Development." (  A successful half-day workshop version of this was also presented at the Museum Computer Network 2011 conference. 

In this session at Museums and the Web 2012, new games will be covered, including "Five on Friday" and "Ping Pong Pairing," and case studies from the latest development on the SFMOMA website will be used.

The facilitators, Dana Mitroff Silvers from SFMOMA and David Hendee from Carbon Five, will demonstrate how a successful partnership between SFMOMA and Carbon Five has created a lasting procedural legacy, and how the Agile process continues to provide a tactical toolkit to streamline ongoing development work and improve teamwork.

Attendees will get a taste of some of the novel activities we use to encourage collaboration, communication, and fun, while engaged in the messy business of creating web software.

Participants will get a taste of Agile and will learn how to:

-Break down, prioritize, and classify projects to make decisions on what's important
-Apply these tools and practical applications to any project
-Establish a sustainable cycle of planning, development, and delivery


Mini-Workshop - teaches something or explores approaches


dmitroff's picture
Dana has worked on the design and production of large-scale, educational websites since the early days of HTML. Among the sites she has worked on are the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive, UC Berkeley Interactive University project, and Computer Curriculum Corporation. Dana led the multi-...
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David is the Director of Design at Carbon Five, a software development firm dedicated to delivering high value software through an Agile collaboration with its clients. David joined the company in 2004, and now focuses on working with clients on applying design thinking to Agile product development...