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The National Gallery Virtual Tour

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The National Gallery, London


Tom Mills from VR Web Design


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National Gallery Virtual Tour - Central HallNational Gallery Virtual Tour - Central HallOur high quality virtual tour of 18 rooms of the National Gallery, London offers visitors an opportunity to connect with and share the collection, wherever they are in the world. With over 345 paintings featured from across the gallery, visitors can guide themselves by selecting either a room or a painting.

First-time visitors  get a taste of the gallery, piquing their interest to come in person whilst past visitors can relive their visit finding their favourite paintings and sharing them through the ‘create a postcard’ feature or via their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Choosing a room via the floorplanChoosing a room via the floorplanUsing the virtual tour in full screen modeUsing the virtual tour in full screen modeTake a snapshot of your favourite painting/room and send it as a postcard to your friendsTake a snapshot of your favourite painting/room and send it as a postcard to your friendsFor those who may never be able to visit the National Gallery the tour offers an engaging way to  experience the collection and we hope provide an opportunity to forge more emotional connections to the works of art and to the organisation itself. Available in 7 languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese) the tour allows visitors to link directly with our complete collection online, where they are able to zoom in to see extraordinary details, read interpretation and key facts about each painting and even buy a print of the painting through our print on demand service.

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